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Spaceform Tokens 2017

Spaceform Sale

​​​​Spaceform design and produce exquisite glass gifts to suit any occasion whether it is a birthday , anniversary , birth or birthday.They are based in London UK.

The company began in the early nineties when founder and Director Christine Greenhalgh sold her own creations at her local market. Today the company is a global business in overseas countries such as the USA, Canada, Europe, South Africa,Australia and New Zealand.

Spaceform’s innovative and original ideas form the backbone of the company. If you want an unusual, elegant and sophisticated gift then Spaceform is the ideal brand.

All products are nicely packaed usually in white presentaion boxes.

The designs provide gift ideas for different occasions from christmas gift ideas to wedding gifts, to wedding anniversary, new baby, christening and godchild, as well as specific gifts for birthday  and birthday milestones, teacher gifts and congratulations gifts and gifts for graduation. 

We also have feature items in our Spaceform sale page so please look at this page.

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